How to apply for prometric exam for nurses

You should step few procedures before registering the exam for each country which verifies your documents through Credential and dataflow.

Credential: Eligibility verification from respected Ministry.

Dataflow: Dataflow is an International company that verifies the certificates on behalf of the ministry. Here they assure the genuinity of the Certificates that the applicant has submitted by verifying the Qualification, Registration and Experience certificates of the applicant.

1. If you are planning to apply for DHA Exam you must have 2 years of Clinical experience irrespective of any category & you have to move on to Credential, with respective documents. After getting credential id you can step to Dataflow, with the dataflow result you can register for the exam.

2. If you need to clear the HAAD exam you should have 2 years of clinical experience after registration irrespective of category like Bsc, GNM, Msc. And you need to complete the verifications of Dataflow and Credential respectively, after that you can register for the exam.

3. If your decision is to take the Oman Prometric exam GNM Holders should have 3 years of experience & others should have 2 years of experience. In the case of OMSB you can take either exam or data flow as first step.

4. If you are willing to take Saudi Prometric exam you must have 2 years of experience irrespective of any category. Here you need to complete the dataflow first  and then the credential approval, after the successful completion of these two you can move for exam registration.

5. If your plan is to write the Qatar Prometric exam you must have 2 years of experience except for Msc, Msc holders can write the exam without experience. For Qatar Prometric either you can take Exam or dataflow as the first step.

6. If you wish is to complete UAEMOH Exam you should have 2 years of experience except for Msc. Msc holders can proceed with 1 year of experience. As the first step you have to make the payment for the credential, after the payment for credential you will be intimated to make the payment for dataflow too within 48 hours & then you will get the eligibility id in a couple of days and then you can take the exam without waiting for the dataflow got completed.

7. If you wish to complete NHRA exam you should have at least 1 year of experience. For NHRA the first step is dataflow after completion of dataflow you have to apply for the credential, after getting the credential id approved you can take the exam.

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